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Questions and Fine Furniture Care

  • How long will my order take?
    • Made to order just for you, our craftsmen usually require 8 to 12 weeks to complete most items. The estimated lead time varies from piece to piece. Please let us know if you have specific time constraints.
  • Do you sell anything other than indoor furniture?
    • We also carry a wide variety of outdoor furniture.
  • Do you offer delivery?
    • For your convenience, Buckeye Amish Furniture offers a range of delivery options to suit your needs, from curbside delivery to inside setup.
  • Does my furniture come with a warranty?
    • Our furniture is designed and built to provide years of service and enjoyment. In the unlikely event that your furniture is defective due to craftsmanship or materials, we will repair or replace at our discretion within 1 year of purchase. This warranty does not cover damage that results from misuse or negligence.
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Fine Wood Furniture Care

  • Dust frequently.
  • Polish approximately once a month.
  • Clean up spills as soon as possible by blotting instead of smearing.
  • Use an absorbent cloth that's soft and lint-free for cleaning and polishing.
  • Avoid placing furniture in direct sunlight, as sunlight causes fading.
  • Avoid extremes in room humidity. Too high or too low humidity can cause wood to warp or the glue lines to fail. We recommend you maintain between 45% and 55% year round.
  • Avoid direct, rapid changes in temperature. Keep furniture off of registers and away from air-conditioning units and radiators.
  • Move items to different places on furniture to ensure even wear.
  • Avoid putting rubber or plastic items on a wood finish. Their ingredients react with the finish.
  • Use pads, cloth or felt to protect the furniture surface from plastic, rubber, hot dishes, beverages, bookends, flower pots, and vases.
  • Don't use a ballpoint pen with nothing in between the wood and paper.
  • Do not drag items across the furniture surface; always lift and set items
  • Avoid wax polishes. Regular use of wax polishes may result in the build-up of wax film on the surface of the furniture. This build-up may then pick up dirt, smoke and other pollutants in the air, which may result in smudges and streaks. Used long enough, this may cause the finish to soften, requiring expensive refinishing work. Wax build-up over time hardens, making it difficult to remove from the furniture's finish.
  • Avoid silicone polishes. Silicone oil is an ingredient used by many furniture polish makers to create a high degree of shine. Silicone seeps into even the most lacquered finishes, making it difficult to remove. Should it become necessary to refinish a piece of furniture, silicone makes it a very difficult process, even for a professional refinisher. Most furniture manufacturers recommend using polishes that do not contain silicone.
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